Friday, December 14, 2012

Ingrid Jonker - A poet's life

After the tremendous success of the Afrikaans scrapboek by biographer Petrovna Metelerkamp on the tragic life & death of this cult poet, the book is now also available in English under the title Ingrid Jonker - A poet's life [Hemel en See Publishers; ISBN 978-0-620-42503-2. R260.00].

Ingrid Jonker stepped into the waves of Three Anchor Bay on the night of 19 July 1965 & drowned. And then emerged as siren, as one of the most beloved, most popular poets in Afrikaans. She has a world wide cult following & her life story is forever entangled with that of authors like André Brink & Jack Cope, both men she had affairs with in her search for a father figure after her own father disowned her because the left wing politics of her poems was an embarrassment to him, a National Party Member of Parliament. On hearing of his daughter's death, he reportedly said: "They can throw her back in the sea for all I care."

Her poetry has been translated from Afrikaans into English, German, French, Dutch, Polish, Hindi & Zulu to name but a few. Most recently a new English translation of her poetry was done by André Brink & Antjie Krog in a volume titled Black butterflies

Apart from the 2007 documentary called Ingrid Jonker, her Lives and Time by Mozambique-born South African film and documentary maker Helena Nogueira, she was also the subject of the feature length bio-pic called Black Butterflies in 2011 with Dutch actress Carice van Houten as Jonker.


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